Dr. Michelle – In the darkest hour for our family, you were a calming compassionate voice of reason. Not for ONE moment did I worry, when I shook your hand – I trusted you instantly. I am relieved that Dr. Michelle came to us, under terrible circumstances unfortunately, but I can’t thank you enough for helping our family help Alley transition over the rainbow bridge. And through our sorrow and mourning I SWORE that there would be NO OTHER vet for us in the future.
And somehow you went even further with your compassion by sending our family a personalized sympathy card. You and your staff are absolutely outstanding human beings and I am so glad we found you.

Incredibly Grateful,

Deborah Henning & The Henning Family
Matt, Julia, Ben & Stevie

“I’ve known and worked with Dr. Michelle for years and can honestly say she offers the highest standard of care and has the biggest heart of every veterinarian I’ve known – hands down. The entire Full Circle team is exceptional, skilled, and compassionate. Despite recently moving to Connecticut, my dog, Shadow, and I will be making the long drive to Full Circle for future exams and preventative care. The Full Circle staff are one of a kind and I truly miss working with such an extraordinary team.” – Katie M.

“I have been consulting with Dr. Michelle by phone from California for over 10 years. She is enough to make me want to move to New York! She is absolutely incredible – kind, compassionate and oh so knowledgeable. I credit her wisdom and advice over the years to the fact that my nearly 17-year-old chihuahua-mix is still with me and doing well despite years of heart problems. Bring your pet to her and you will never go anywhere else.” – Lori B.

“My wife and I first met Dr. Michelle in 2012 when we brought our rescued cat Pixie in for an examination. We were immediately impressed with the care and compassion shown by Dr. Michelle toward this little old girl. As of today, Dr. Michelle has provided that same compassion to six of our cats, including our very special Rusty. She tended to him with the same love and devotion we felt toward this special boy. When Rusty reached the end of his life, Dr. Michelle was there to cry right along with us. Thank you for everything.” -Peter & Susan

We are the Wright’s and have been following Dr. Michelle for over 4 years to the different offices that she has worked out of. We have seen her in Orange, Dutchess and Putnam counties. We are thrilled she opened a practice of her own!

Michelle has kept our Aussie Sheena in good health despite having a severe case of Cushings, Diabetes and Arthritis. Our Pug Gussy is healthy and only sees Michelle when necessary.

We totally trust Michelle with our precious babies and personally love her! She has been available to our family at any given time the past 4 years and we are grateful for her and the entire staff!

Pam & Nan Wright and Sheena & Gussy too!

“I am the owner of two dogs with very serious medical issues and Dr. Rocque has been our veterinarian for approximately 8 years. She is a wealth of knowledge and is so kind, caring and compassionate. Not only does she practice traditional medicine, but her vast knowledge and experience with holistic therapies has helped my dogs tremendously. She is a great communicator who always returns calls/responds to e-mails and takes the time to listen and then suggest alternate treatment strategies. I cannot say enough about Dr. Rocque – she is truly exceptional and like no other veterinarian I have ever gone to. Once you meet her, you will never go to another vet!” – Kristin Woodward